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Artist:The 5th Dimension
Label:  Liberty
Catalogue:LBF 15014
Date:Aug 1967
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Community:11 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe 5th DimensionUp Up And AwayJim WebbRivers, Gordon8.3  Rate
BThe 5th DimensionThe Pattern PeopleJim WebbRivers, Gordon9.6  Rate


27th Jun 2014

mickey rat
29th Nov 2012
 Yes Catagna, I'm sure they will. Both of my (middleaged) children have very eclectic tastes in music, but grew up during the punk era and the old school rap era. Neither of them are likely to enthuse about pop hits of the late '70s or '80s but will still get off on Radio Birdman or Grandmaster Flash. IMO most pop hits eventually fall by the wayside and the better left-field records endure.

29th Nov 2012
 Well I and my son dip in every so often, although my stuff is regarded as cheesy. Grandmaster Flash can still fill a club with his sets and Members of the Wu Tang Clan have been gigging again. Who'd have thought that all that jungle music with nonsense lyricsfrom the fifties would still be remembered when there was all that classsy music in the charts. Not only popular with the teens who bought them first time round but by some of today's youngsters too.

Nostalgia is a powerful potent. And music with a good beat lingers on too.

28th Nov 2012
 Nice to see James Hamilton's name mentioned, YankeeDisc. I always devoured his reviews and enjoyed Record Mirror as much as the NME, when he was a contributor.

However, I started to lose touch with JH when his reviews started (probably 'ahead of the crowd') to focus on many a disc's BPM.

I'll betray my scales (dinosaur, that is) and 'come out' and admit to despairing of the expiry of so much music-melody in the last, o-o-h, ten years as it vanished under the onslaught of rap.

Will the youth of that period really reach into the attic in their forties and fifties to lovingly retrieve some rap-laden 12", with the same solemn rush of enjoyment that so many contributing Catters get when rummaging through their collections of singles from '49 - (say) '98? I doubt it, but have donned a protective vest to deflect the hail of disagreement that may well come my way.

28th Nov 2012
 The Pattern People - stereo

Taken from first Album "Up Up And Away".
......only ever issued on 45 as even a Side B in UK and West Germany, on a later release, 15 037, this beautifully performed Jimmy Webb song is a tour de force for harmony singing, especially on the outro.
I have heard the The Bystanders version 7N 35399, but could not find Glenn Weston's version DB 8253, although someone has a demo of it for sale for £10.
Frankly, I heard the 5th Dimension version first, back in 1967, after I read a review of "Up Up And Away" by the late James Hamilton in Record Mirror, went out and bought the 45, no regrets.
To me it is the definitive version.
The version on this you tube link is good old vinyl, with a few crackles and clicks......

16th Jan 2011
 Will post solid centre version.

7th Dec 2010
 That will be The Bystanders version 7N 35399 I'd forgotten about that one. And as you say another good version.

7th Dec 2010
 "Pattern People" on 7N 35399 is incredible. What a top-class song.

7th Dec 2010
 It's odd that UK Liberty should have two versions of this song out during the summer of '67. The Johnny Mann singers version LIB 55972 was released in June with the 5th Dimension version released during August.

Even the B side, another great Jim Webb song, saw some competition with an equally wonderful version released by Glenn Weston DB 8253. All of them evoking the summer of '67.

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