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Artist:The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Label:  Liberty
Catalogue:LBF 15144
Date:Oct 1968
Chart Position:5
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Community:83 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah BandI'm The Urban SpacemanN. InnesApollo C. Vermouth8.6  Rate
BThe Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah BandCanyons Of Your MindV. StanshallGus Dudgeon, Gerry Bron9.0  Rate


Apollo C. Vermouth is actually Paul McCartney.


4th Apr 2013
 United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra plays - Urban Spaceman (But their leader should check his release dates !! )


1st Jul 2012
 I think on both the tracks ( despite Urban Spaceman being from TOTP2 , I think original must have been the same CMP session ) , the record track has been used , rather than a morning session take as there is no variation to the musical tracks at all from the disc. Thats not to say the Bonzo's couldn't do a note perfect reproduction , just I dont see it in their nature given a live or near live opportunity to do so. I think there is a video clip of the guitar solo in Canyons that uses a slight variation in the notes played, possibly done at a much later time.

1st Jul 2012
 Re Deep and Biff's comments - quite so.

Deepinder Cheema
1st Jul 2012
 Sweet essence of Giraffe. It was truly a moment of human greatness when Viv reappeared wearing the large papier-mâché head from stage right. He was the student who submitted Godzilla -vs- Oscar Wilde for his Diploma at St Martins.

30th Jun 2012
 The Colour Me Pop performance was a typical BBC setup for the time. The band mimed to the pre-recorded backing track whilst Vivian Stanshall sang live hence it's a different vocal, his burps are different... notice too when he's wearing the large false head - his vocals are more muffled!

30th Jun 2012
 So the Colour Me Pop performance is somewhat different ? ( Intro , and aspects of the 'melody' )

30th Jun 2012
 Yours is the B//2 version then,as they performed it on "Do Not Adjust Your Set". The LP version has no spoken intro, just straight into "In the canyons of your mind..."

30th Jun 2012
 Hawkmarty do both B sides have spoken intro.
Mine 'This is the B Side of our platter, sports fans'

25th Dec 2011
 3-prong centre "Bron Music Ltd" scans added (see my comment 4 Dec 2011)

5th Dec 2011

5th Dec 2011

4th Dec 2011
 I've got a 3-prong push-out centre with "Bron Music Ltd." on the B-side...

27th Jul 2010
 As can be seen on the last two scans the record with the alternate take on the B side has noticeable differences in typeface and, most useful for identifying purposes, the publisher credit below the side number now reads "Bron Music Ltd." instead of "Bron Mus. Ltd."

27th May 2010
 There are 2 versions of this single with different takes of the B side.
The B1 take is as the LP and the B//2 take is as they performed it on "Do Not Adjust Your Set" with a spoken intro. The first take is available with a push-out centre and the large centre hole but I have never seen a copy of the second take with a push-out centre.

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