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Record Details

Label:  RCA Victor
Catalogue:LPBO 5037 / LPBO-5037EX
Date:5 Jul 1974
Chart Position:9
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Community:39 Own, 2 Want
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ASweetThe Six TeensNicky Chinn, Mike ChapmanMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn, Phil Wainman9.1  Rate
BSweetBurn On The FlameB. Connolly, S. Priest, A. Scott, M. TuckerMike Chapman, Nicky Chinn, Phil Wainman8.0  Rate


Released as a USA export LPB0-5037EX for the UK


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15th Jul 2011
 Beatlejohn - Little Willy was also a 45 in the US.

26th Jun 2011
 The Six Teens has the words "Desolation Boulevard" in the lyrics, and that became the title of the Sweet's next LP (which kicks off with this track). A somewhat more mature song than their previous hit (Teenage Rampage), and evidence that they were more than just a flashy pop group (although there had already been plenty of evidence of that on the B-sides of their last half-dozen singles).

The B-side (another non-LP track) is also excellent. Andy Scott puts in some of his best guitar work on this one (check out also Burning, the flip-side of Hell Raiser). The Sweet released enough non-LP B-sides to make a cracking album. If only RCA had thought of compiling one....

4th Sep 2010
 My bad....the first US Capitol singlerelease was not Blockbuster...but Ballroom Blitz (Blockbuster was released earlier on the Bell label)..

4th Sep 2010
 These US pressings are only for export and not a North American release...and.... (I'm almost ashamed to say it) "The Six-Teens" was NOT released as a single in the States..at this time they were between label contracts here and the US releases are (in order)....Wig,Wam,Bam and Hellraiser (on Bell)...then Blockbuster (on Capitol) skip three releases (Teenage, 16's and Turn) and the next release is Fox On The Run (on Capitol) to catch up....BEATLEJOHN

11th Apr 2010
 Agreed. Years later I went to see Pat Benetar at Newcastle City Hall..support was by The Brian Connelly band...I wasn't expecting much but his superb band powered through 9-10 Sweet classics kicking off with this one, blew the roof off the place!

My Friend Jack
11th Apr 2010
 A magnificent single, their finest moment in my view.

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