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Artist:Phyl And Grisha Farfel
Label:  Lyntone / National Society For Mentally Handicapped Children
Catalogue:LYN 315
Title:Lost. Without Your Help!
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Community:2 Own
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Single sided flexi disc stuck to a double sided thin card cover.


21st Jul 2012
 My sentiments exactly telegramsam.
Sir Bob has a lot to answer for, the least of it being my bleeding ears.

21st Jul 2012
 I tend to agree Bobzeruncle. My all time most loathed charity single is this monstrosity.. A noble cause I suppose, and hopefully it did some good at the time - but the song gets on my tits.

21st Jul 2012
 I'm guessing it's no worse than the offal (sic.) charity singles that flourished in the Eighties. :-D

21st Jul 2012
 Heh - possibly! I don't think it was a Bella Italia anyway. *coughs* - But let's be serious here. Her and her Hubby were doing it cocktail style to remind us about the poor handicapped kids - so think on!

21st Jul 2012
 Could have been recorded here?

21st Jul 2012
 Nope. I've checked again and any pasta slurping that might be going on is respectfully silent.

21st Jul 2012
 Ha ha ha - well there may have been some of that being eaten during the recording of this oddball thing. It sounds like it was recorded at one of those ultra glamorous night clubs of the day. You know, where the ladies all wore their best and the gents looked like penguins? I'll play it again and see if I can hear any jewish pasta sounds . . . .

21st Jul 2012
 Funny, I always thought Farfel was this.

21st Jul 2012
 Bizarre and incongruous. The record is a classic Lyntone flex - glued to a card cover with a hole through all of it so you can leave it attached whilst grooving to the sad song. So, what type of song would you choose to put on a heartrending plea for understanding (money) for the poor handicapped children? Hmmm . . . I know, thought Phyl and Grisha Farfel (??), we'll sing a sort of cocktail lounge type thing; that will really set the tone!


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