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Record Details

Artist:T. Rex
Label:  T. Rex
Catalogue:MARC 11
Date:26 Sep 1975
Title:T. Rex Disco Party
Chart Position:30
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Community:52 Own, 4 Want
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A1T. RexDreamy LadyMarc BolanMarc Bolan5.8  Rate
B1T. RexDo You Wanna DanceFreemanMarc Bolan5.0  Rate
B2T. RexDock Of The BayRedding, CropperMarc Bolan5.7  Rate


The cover version of Dock Of The Bay features lead vocals by Gloria Jones.

Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 594.


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the Flea
1st Jun 2015
 Do you mean its got a "Factory Sample Not For Sale" sticker on it ?
(see MetalG's hidden picture)

1st Jun 2015
 Mines a demo version label in a plain white bag

7th Mar 2015
 Added A&B scans of white label demo.

Electric Worrier
6th Nov 2012
 Wow, that's encyclopaedic! Thanks Ade.

Ade Macrow
3rd Nov 2012
 Wednesday 29th January 1975 was when T.Rex manager Tony Howard unceremoniously sacked Mickey Finn, EW. An announcement was made in the UK music press about Finn 'leaving', circa 14th February.

Although full studio documentation is long since lost/destroyed, it is though Bobbye Hall Porter is responsible for the congas heard.

Friday 1st August in Scorpio Sound, Euston, London saw various versions of 'Dreamy Lady' recorded..

At least three more tape boxes from Scorpio Sound, London exist from Thursday 28th August 1975, relating to this release. On the three tapes are takes and mixdowns of 'Dreamy Lady' (as annotated with working title 'Silver Lady'), 'Dock Of The Bay', 'Do You Wanna Dance' and 'Christmas Bop'.

Friday 5th September saw further work at Trident Studios on 'Do You Wanna Dance', and 'Dock Of The Bay', with two takes of 'Ain't That A Shame' also being laid down.

Electric Worrier
1st Nov 2012
 Yeah, but who's playing the bongos though Ade?
How long after the American TV special did Mickie leave?
I'm sure he appears in patches on Futuristic Dragon.

Ade Macrow
31st Oct 2012
 Run-out groove info:-

A; YMARC 11 A-1 (machine stamped)
B: YMARC 11 B-1 (machine stamped)

Ade Macrow
21st Oct 2012
 No, t'ain't Mickey, EW.

Full line-up was: MB: vocals/moog/guitar, Billy Preston: organ, Dino Dines: keyboards, Gloria Jones: backing vocals, clavinet, lead vocals (Dock Of The Bay), Tyrone Scott: backing vocals, Davey Lutton: drums, Steve Currie: bass.


Electric Worrier
20th Oct 2012
 Is that Mickey Finn playing on this?

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