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Artist:T. Rex
Label:  T. Rex
Catalogue:MARC 18
Date:5 Aug 1977
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Community:31 Own, 2 Want
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AT. RexCelebrate SummerBolanBolan5.5  Rate
BT. RexRide My WheelsBolanBolan2.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 685


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Electric Worrier
23rd Feb 2013
 12" copy?

20th Feb 2013
 My 12" Copy does not have the Ring.H.


Ade Macrow
20th Feb 2013
 No, it's an extra ring - I have a few T.Rex label singles (noted/discussed elsewhere) with the same strange anomaly.

the Flea
20th Feb 2013
 Hmm perhaps MetalG could confirm/deny this but isn't that just a stylus or some kind of needle scratch ?

Electric Worrier
19th Feb 2013
 Strange extra ring on the demo label!

Ade Macrow
31st Oct 2012
 Run-out groove info:-

A: YMARC 18 A - 1U (machine stamped)

B: YMARC 18 B - 1U (machine stamped)
MELYS (hand-etched)

Electric Worrier
2nd Aug 2012
 Totally agree with telegramsam about Zip Gun Boogie. It is one of the only songs of Marc's that I would say is awful. Got to disagree about Celebrate Summer though. I know the lyrics are a bit, erm, symplistic, but the instrumentation and production is so stripped down and punky-totally attuned with the times.
One thing I can't quite work-out is why the next set of recordings which Marc made were so laid-back and derivative. Surely not anywhere near good enough to have heralded the much- vaunted 'return to form.' It's difficult to tell, I know, from demos. If you listen to early acoustic work-outs of Get it On or any of the now famous tracks, they were transformed beyond all recognition in the final takes. Of course he may have decided to ditch them and do something completely different; there were so many demos being recorded at that time.

15th Jun 2011
 Marc has indeed had several posthumous charted records - although most only scraping the lower ends of the hot 100. 20th Century Boy did quite well in 1991 again as part of the Levis jeans ad campaign of the time. It almost got into the top 10 again.
As for Celebrate Summer? Well, it was a weak single anyway and despite Marc's untimely death and his projected return to the limelight it still wasn't enough to get him back into the charts (and as you can guess with a profile name like mine I would love to have seen that happen). He did write some absolute stinkers towards the end - especially Zip Gun Boogie; IMO one the worst discs of his entire career. I'd rather remember him for the magic he brought to my life as I became a teenager in 1970 and for the utter brilliance of so much of his work. Get It On still sends tingles down my spine even after 40 years!

15th Jun 2011
 Why didn't this record chart? I know it wasn't Bolan's finest moment, but it was the last single he released before his tragic death. Usually, when a singer dies, it results in a Number One hit (Elvis, Lennon, Hendrix, etc). Why didn't Bolan have any posthumous hits?

10th Jun 2010
 The sleeves crap, the songs a 12 bar fast shuffle, the lyrics are dreadful..still SOMETHING about the single that I love. Must just be the Bolan Fairydust.

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