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Record Details

Artist:T. Rex
Label:  T. Rex
Catalogue:MARC 3
Date:1 Dec 1972
Chart Position:2
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Community:104 Own, 1 Wants
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AT. RexSolid Gold Easy ActionMarc BolanTony Visconti8.4  Rate
BT. RexBorn To BoogieMarc BolanTony Visconti8.3  Rate


The B-side to this single includes an uncredited Christmas message from Marc Bolan to his fans unofficially referred to as Xmas Message until a white label test pressing appeared with the title Xmas Riff which is a lot more Bolan I'm sure you'll agree.

Interesting to note that this is the first single to introduce the rather pompous label credit of Written And Composed By Marc Bolan. Given that Marc claimed he wrote Solid Gold Easy Action in just ten minutes perhaps this lofty credit was intended as a two fingers to salute to the snooty music critics who claimed that his latest hits did indeed sound like they took ten minutes to write.


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4th Nov 2014
 Thanks Ade! Incredibly I paid just 3 quid for it in Brighton. A chance find, and a goody! Hope you'll find one someday!! You deserve it!!

Ade Macrow
4th Nov 2014
 Well done, TS. These 5th Dimension mispressings were known about at the time but I've never come across a copy myself. Another mispress of this same record featured David Cassidy/Partridge Family - more Bell Records artists.

It seems that EMI were pressing vast quantities of the Bell maxi-single EP series (the short-lived MABEL numbers) and some of these got mixed up.

Years of searching have never yielded me a copy of either mispress, so "well done" again. Like all such things, the face value won't be much but to a T.Rex/5th Dimension collector, the curiosity value alone will see it in demand.

4th Nov 2014
 Well I never, I buy a solid centre copy of this today only to find that the A side is a 33rpm twin track by 5th Dimension (see earlier comment). Run in groove shows MABEL 3A, suggesting it is a mispressing of a Bell single.

Wonder if it's worth anything? Please note though, I'm not selling!! ;-))

Ade Macrow
2nd Apr 2014
 Great stuff, Gary!

23rd Feb 2014
 One for Ade Macrow!

Scans of EMI 4 prong dinked pressing. Dark blue T.Rex label, just as most of the SGEA releases were. This pressing would have been the follow on from the EMI demo that is already on here. Oddly, the EMI stock copies are almost as hard to find as the solid centres. Decca pressed the majority of Marc 3 - and a fabulous job they did of it too. Far superior to these EMI jobbies.

the Flea
19th Nov 2013
 Well most people would give you their last Rolo for it but I'll give you the whole damned packet.
I would assume its in pretty good nick, and anything original and odd vinyl-wise does tend to sell well but I've not seen a copy sell before so its anyone's guess.

19th Nov 2013
 hey guys thinkin of selling my copy with the 5th dimention dose anyone know what it is likely to be worth?

31st Jan 2013

KT wobily nib. MARC 3 B-1U rays.first. UP (HP)(I IP)? BTB SIDE

the Flea
19th Jan 2013
 Hey Trexxx, what is the runout etchings of the SGEA 5th Dimention side ?

15th Jan 2013
 scan of the b side to solid gold easy action ,born to boogie - as you can see the emi box is far to low .the a side to this is 2 songs from the 5th dimention carpet man - magic garden

15th Jan 2013
 added my copy from 72 s.g.e.a coz after 30 years [got the info from this site] i finaly found out the artist and name of the tracks that are played on the a side ; the a side plays the 5th dimention tracks the carpet man & magic garden - and its a hard to find solid centre.
olso the b.side t.rex logo is to far down and runs in to born to boogie.[a double whammy]

Paul Vinyl
30th Oct 2012
 I can't remember where I got my solid centre from, it could have been ebay or just one I found on my travels.

30th Oct 2012
 I bought another copy of this yesterday - in pristine mint condition, I couldn't resist it!
I've only ever seen Decca pressings of this one though (including my newly found copy). Never seen the EMI one and certainly never seen the solid centre. That was a real find Paul. I won't rest till I find one!

Ade Macrow
30th Oct 2012
 'Bilbo' (and variations thereof) = Dennis Blackham, cutting engineer.

Ade Macrow
30th Oct 2012
 Run-out groove info:-

A; BOBIL'S LAST (hand-etched)
MARC 3 A - 2U (machine-stamped)
NOLABKRAM (hand-etched) Note 'Mark' (or 'Kram'), not 'Cram'.

B: RAYS FIRST (hand-etched) No apostrophe this time
MARC 3 B - 1U (machine-stamped)
WOBILY NIB (hand-etched). Presumanbly misspelt 'wobbily'

My solid centre copy has a ring approx. 8mm from spindle-hole edge.

My moated centres have (a) a 4mm raised ring both sides
(b) an 8mm indented ring on A side and 4mm raised ring on B side
(c) No inner ring - indented or raised on either side

14th Jul 2012
 lol, yes indeed - it was put on a music board as one to go away and think about and, um, I was the one who got it!

14th Jul 2012
 Sorry Zab - sometimes my pedantry goes overboard a bit. Seriously, anyone who answered that quiz question correctly deserves a medal. Unless they're Orbiting Cat, who could probably knock up a query to find any other such multi-word titles.

14th Jul 2012
 Haha - sorry, I didn't mean "at the time", lol!!!

14th Jul 2012
 I'll accept "...each of which is the title of another hit single". "Solid" wasn't used for a hit single until 1984, at least according to the 45cat database.

14th Jul 2012
 This was the answer to a quiz question once: Which hit song title is made up of four words, each of which was the title of another hit single?

Solid Gold Easy Action

14th Jul 2012
 Yes, Electric Warrior - that is indeed a Decca Pressing. These were the highest quality of all the Rex label pressings.

Electric Worrier
14th Jul 2012
 Light coloured label with wide gaps in push-out centre added. Is this a Decca pressing?

15th Aug 2011
 Oh right, it's not on mine which I got in the 80s...

14th Aug 2011
 "Xmas Riff" is on the "Tanx" Expanded Edition CD. Have a superfunk christmas!!

20th Jul 2011
 Has Bolan's introduction to BTB ever been released on CD?

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