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Artist:Three Good Reasons
Label:  Mercury
Catalogue:MF 883
Date:26 Nov 1965
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Community:2 Own, 2 Want
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AThree Good ReasonsBuild Your LoveM. Hawker, P. SimonReg GuestRate
BThree Good ReasonsDon't Leave Me NowClegg, McCormack, DanicReg GuestRate


Number: 440319  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: goodbear66
Description: A Side Label

Number: 440320 
Uploaded By: goodbear66
Description: B Side Label

16th May 2016
 I was lucky enough to hear the brilliant "Nowhere Man" and its also-excellent B-side, "Wire Wheels".

I've trawled the Internet and still haven't found a sound file of either side of this disc or MF929. If anyone has a copy that they'd be kind enough to upload here, I'd greatly appreciate it.

After all, I'm interested in the very obscure bands that didn't last long.

14th Sep 2015
 felonious: thanks for the link; (other than seeing the occasional credit-line) i knew absolutely naught about him.

13th Sep 2015
 I'd be interested in hearing the acetate.

Mome Wrath
13th Sep 2015
 now that's the info I was looking for! Mike Hawker isn't a singer. The acetate is an unknown & undocumented song co-written & sung by Paul Simon therefore. It sounded like it. Now to get that acetate...

13th Sep 2015
 Gentlemen, calm down and read this obituary Mike Hawker

Hawker went on to write with Brian Bennett of The Shadows and manage a stable of recording artists. He gave Labi Siffre his first recording deal and Paul Simon visited him while touring the English folk clubs (the pair wrote a number of songs together). This led to him joining Mercury Records as an artist and repertoire manager (the youngest at any UK record company) specialising in jazz musicians such as the Harry South Big Band and Tubby Hayes.

13th Sep 2015
 you don't appear to know what possessing, owning, licencing (etc.) the rights to a composer's songs is.

Mome Wrath
13th Sep 2015
 Wrong. See this on Mercury MF 906 shortly after this MF 883. Paul Simon cover. It's why I put that 45 on here. Reg Guest production too.

How many other 'P. Simon' guys were writing folk-pop songs in 1965? He was a nobody in the UK.

The Three Good Reasons version isn't as good as the Paul Simon demo, theirs is a bit weak but the same lyrics.

This Paul Simon single was issued July 1965 & it sold nothing as very hard to find.

13th Sep 2015
 mercury did not have the rights to paul simon's songs.

Mome Wrath
13th Sep 2015
 this is a Paul Simon song an acetate by Paul Simon exists & I've heard it!

Mercury had the rights to another Paul Simon song here so it definitely IS a Paul Simon song.

the acetate is a rough home recording very like the louder bits in "I Am A Rock", you can even hear the tape machine being turned on & off!

19th Nov 2013
 interesting thread here.....

mickey rat
19th Nov 2013
 Playing devil's advocate here because I'm far from being a Paul Simon expert and NOBODY seems to know a lot about Three Good Reasons, but are you absolutely sure the "P. Simon" here is actually THE Paul Simon?

9th May 2012
 This male/female group's subsequent 45 (the more well known Nowhere Man) sees them adding the "The" to Three Good Reasons.

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