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Artist:Lou Christie
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:MGM 1308
Date:22 Apr 1966
Chart Position:37
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Community:11 Own
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ALou ChristieRhapsody In The RainChristie, HerbertCharles Calello8.0  Rate
BLou ChristieTrapezeChristie, HerbertCharles Calello8.0  Rate


21st Nov 2012
 15 seconds of guitar mayhem, wo's goin' on ?
love the way tammys sing ' tonight i wonder where you are'

4th Jul 2012
 Let's not forget that this was banned by the Beeb for blasphemy as recently as 1974!

carey jeggs
4th Jul 2012
 Zappaphiles will have noticed Frank's debt to this sort of thing,particularly on Let Me Take You To The Beach and No Not Now.

carey jeggs
4th Jul 2012
 One song that seems to have escaped the censors is Let The Good Times Roll, the song of that title that Ray Charles did in 1960.It contained the line 'you only live but the once and when you're dead you're done.' At the time this would have been considered blasphemous and yet,although I never heard the Ray Charles record at the time, I can certainly remember hearing it sung by other people on mainstream variety shows.
Also it's interesting that sentimentality was considered a bad thing and the remark about Crying In The Chapel being nauseating but theologically unexceptionable is rather witty.This reminds me of something that a teacher colleague of E.M.Forster used to say to his pupils in the nineteen thirties,that when they grew up they could either be crooners or men but not both.

4th Jul 2012
 He rerecorded it after a number of US stations banned the original version. I wonder which version was released in the UK as there was usually a gap of three months between an American release and its release in the UK.

Spencer Leigh did some research on which records were deemed not suitable for play on the BBC.This organisation is funded and has its board appointed by the UK government and was thus an easy target for any publicity seeking MP, member of the House of Lords or anyone with a dining pal in the press. Or as The Controller of Sound Broadcasting put it "No one is more alive than I to the need to buttress the forces of virtue against the unprincipled elements of the jungle."

The BBC of course plays a greater range of music, more new records than any other broadcaster and nowadays censors very little. In the sixties needle time was limited and prior to Radio 1 very few programmes were records only. It suited a number of artists to latterly say their records were banned when like the majority of releases they were simply not chosen for playing. Unfit for Auntie's airwaves: The artists censored by the BBC


4th Jul 2012
 Sorry, no evidence - there was a radio programme about banned records through the years (including a Bing Crosby one!) a few years back..

4th Jul 2012
 It was banned by more than a few US radio stations at the time.

4th Jul 2012
 Where;'s the evidence the BBC banned it?

3rd Jul 2012
 Believe it or not, this was banned by the BBC! It was thought that the "Together - together - together - together" bit was a bit too suggestive!


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