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Artist:Eric Burdon And The Animals
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:MGM 1359
Date:13 Oct 1967
Chart Position:7
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Community:64 Own, 2 Want
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AEric Burdon And The AnimalsSan Franciscan NightsBurdon, Briggs, Welder, Jenkins, McCullochTom WilsonVic Briggs8.9  Rate
BEric Burdon And The AnimalsGratefully DeadBurdon, Briggs, Welder, Jenkins, McCullochVic Briggs9.5  Rate


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13th Jun 2011
 Good news Polydor did an ACTON PLAY re-release on their ownership of MGM and this pressing is yes, wait for it, tension mounts and excitement yes it's STEREOPHONIC and kicks, (sadly put the much better looking yellow on the shelf it looks right just naturally dosen't sound it)

Sadly Mickie Most was a numpty monophile, but now he's dead wrongs can be now righted. There are amazing DES (Digitaly Extracted Stereo) and Sync-Up mixes of most of the Animal's gems and they really do come alive.

This was a fab little belter and the into came from Eric's heart, the Animals were much much bigger in the USA than home MGM really did invest in them, The story goes at an MGM-EMI board meeting @ Manchester Sq (The Beatles EMI's golden gease) the MGM exe was a bit sour-puss saying they had nothing to release British wise in the US So Sir Joseph looking at that weeks charts said ok well you can have Herman's Hermits and The Animals for the USA the rest is USA (mickie most monoural) history!

The essential point of irony was that USA MGM had the rights to the Beatles old Hamburg Polydor titles and had milked them!


4th Mar 2011

4th Mar 2011

11th Oct 2010
 great B-side (Gatefully Dead) ...cool middle part where the tape machine turns off and back on!..has yet to appear in the States...

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