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Artist:The Show Stoppers
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:MGM 1436
Date:20 Sep 1968
Chart Position:33
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:29 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Show StoppersEeny MeenyRoss, Bloodworth, BrownJerry RossJoe Renzetti7.5  Rate
BThe Show StoppersHow Easy Your Heart Forgets MeBarkan, MarchandJerry Ross9.0  Rate


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24th Feb 2016
 yep, it was a wavy white sleeve with the 2 tabs stuck on the rear in an 'L' not down both sides like Atlantic reds, the top wave was reversed so the 2 waves were out front, though I have had post '66 unplayed ex shop stock MGM's that charted housed in the brown 'reversed' wavy top and 'L' rear tabs, but the demo's were always housed in the white sleeves

I've seen near entire runs of the MGM label and it's subsidiaries and the majority of post '66 stock and demo's were housed in the white sleeves

24th Feb 2016

Does this video depict the correct sleeve?

Charlie Chalk
24th Feb 2016
 Precisely why we don't want generic company sleeves posted here (yet).

24th Feb 2016
 later EMI MGMs only had a plain white sleeve with the ~~ top, the Brown MGM stripe sleeve ended around 1965-66, from having unplayed copies.

24th Feb 2016
 yep. that's a late 50's paper sleeve (circa '57- '59), should be either a wavy top brown or plain white

24th Feb 2016
 Isn't the red white sleeve incorrect for this disk. It should be the brown coloured sleeve

6th Aug 2013
 A Side: light and fluffy.
B Side: strong and soulful

26th Jun 2011
 A nice follow up to House Party and in the same style-ish too MGM picked up the US Heritage master for the UK.

Clearly they did a long term deal (if they did not buy the master) because as we can see when Polydor secured the Pan Euro licence for MGM (before Kirk Kirkham sold Polydor the lot>>> sad story "MGM is hotels not movies or Music" Kirkham needed dollars for the MGM Grand project and Polydor paid him>>>> EMI were glad to off-load a sinking ship to them>>>>a company is only as good as their last hit>>>> then along came One Bad Apple and EMI cried and sulked all the way to the next shareholders meeting.

Is that Polydor MGM2006 series re-issue of EM stereo? After All they did put out The Stripper re-issue in it's sexy Stereo Mix (sadly my Stripper is an IEP in "wonderful" Philips/Fontana/Avco blue which clearly needs stripping and replacing with a proper label ta!)

Label wise its a tuffie, the legendary full face Leo mono yellows or 1968 + Stereo (at times) blue and yellow gold with the 50/50 swearls with the animated Leo-ish profile? I love them both to bits , BUT if I had to choose, for me its the profile and the 50/50 swearls a dramatic and amazing label change,

IMHO I don't think those 60's US Black labels and logo did anything for MGM and were just not original or powerful enough to stand out in a pile of 45,s over the really striking and evoking yellow's"

maybe a poll over label changes could be good??

(another vile errata IHMO was the Warner Bros labels going from the vivid Reds with the multi colour little arrows to that dull bland dish-water orange label thanks 7 Arts and then those awful and only marginly better bland dull greens of Kinney Corps ah well Price Of Love or Horse With No Name (ist release) spinning for visuals on a Rock Ola ? (Not the tunes)

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