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Artist:Iron Maiden
Label:  Metal Hammer
Catalogue:MHSPEAK 001
Format:Interview Disc
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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One sided interview flexi disc given free with Metal Hammer magazine to promote the Castle Donnington Monsters Of Rock '92 music festival.

Billy Two
26th Jun 2009
 The one to listen to is "Mission From 'Arry" on the b-side of "Two Minutes To Midnight" - a heated seven minute swearathon tirade between McBrain and Harris (who get writing credits for it !!) furtively taped backstage after a show where a roadie had put Nicko of his drum solo while trying to pass him on message. Wonderfully creative usage of the whole spectrum of expletives...

Not sure about the Maiden storming out of the cinema story, though plenty of bands did take po-faced umbrage to ST at the time...while wearing it as a badge of honour ten years later !!

ps. apologies for mentioning the b-side of a tw*lve inch record - don't ban me please ;)

big swifty
26th Jun 2009
 Hmmmm.. they* had the temerity to think that Spinal Tap was taking the piss out of them when they exited the cinema en masse, the dull thud of the seats whumping back. Their iconography makes me shudder like flicknife.

*this may be an urban myth.

Dr Doom
25th Jun 2009
 As fantastic a band as Maiden are, to my mind they've never been the best of interviewees and this flexi confirms that.

It's pretty boring stuff despite Nicko McBrain's best efforts.

Fling this away and go and listen to one of their proper records!

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