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Artist:Clydie King
Label:  Minit
Catalogue:MLF 11014
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Community:1 Owns
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AClydie KingOne Part, Two PartDee IrvinHiggins, ErvinMonk HigginsRate
BClydie KingLove Now, Pay LaterVee PeaHiggins, ErvinMonk HigginsRate


5th Apr 2012
 Looks to be some good info on Higgins here and here.

mickey rat
5th Apr 2012
 Thanks Boursin. Didn't know that. Dunno whether Virginia Bland ended up rich but It fascinates me that the faceless background people sitting on the copyrights get to retire in Florida more often than the folks who officially "had" the hits.

5th Apr 2012
 As far as I know, Vee Pea was Monk Higgins's wife and she really wrote the songs credited to her. One of his own instrumental 45s was titled "Vee Pea" and I don't think he was paying tribute to himself...

mickey rat
5th Apr 2012
 Excellent version of Dee Ervin (Big Dee Irwin) song by ex Raelet. Underrated artist. Songwriter "Vee Pea" was one Virginia P. Bland who wrote a lot of songs. The prolific Monk Higgins's real name was Milton Bland, so either a close relative or more likely Higgins himself. The money was always in the publishing of course.

Actually while many of you have a passion for label designs and variations in pressings, my minutiae fix has always been the people in the small print - the songwriters (and their endless pseudonyms) the arrangers, producers and publishing companies. You can sometimes glean an awful lot by following their trails.

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USA - Minit - 1969

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