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Artist:Equipe 84
Label:  Major Minor
Catalogue:MM 517
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Community:4 Own, 3 Want
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AEquipe 84AuschwitzLunero, M. Vandelli, Tommy Scott8.0  Rate
BEquipe 8429th September (29 Settembre)Battisti, Mogol, Tommy Scott4.0  Rate


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8th May 2012
 Milvajunk: I've moved your images to here, as your's was a duplicate entry.

21st Aug 2011
 Interesting stuff, Gian Paolo. I knew 29 Settembre from Lucio Battisti’s own amused version of 1969 & I Dik Dik’s later recording. Not being an Italian speaker I’d always wondered at the relevance of the 29 Settembre as the chosen date. I now know, assuming Tommy Scott has translated correctly! It’s a strange song but has charm, sadly not so much in Equipe 84’s hands. Incidentally, I seem to remember that The Roke’s drummer, Mike Shepstone, played with E84 for a while.

16th Aug 2011
 The real disaster was the following year in Italy when one of the musicians were busted for drug and the band almost banned from TV, they struggled on but never reached the big success again

this single was also released in the Usa on Imperial


16th Aug 2011
 Whilst I was on about Kenny Everett's Bottom 30, I recall this happy, cheery little number in the same chart of disasters. Funnily enough it was the B side - 29th September - that Everett chose to play (as he said that playing a song called Auschwitz was not on - even for the bottom 30). I mention this only because there appears to be no A side scan here. I wonder if Equipe 84 ever made anything else after this catastrophe? What were the chappies at Major Minor thinking??

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