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Record Details

Artist:The Isley Brothers
Label:  Major Minor
Catalogue:MM 631
Date:Oct 1969
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Community:13 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Isley BrothersI Turned You OnR. Isley, O. Isley, R. IsleyR. Isley, O. Isley, R. IsleyRate
BThe Isley BrothersI Know Who You Been Socking It ToR. Isley, O. Isley, R. IsleyR. Isley, O. Isley, R. Isley7.0  Rate


Number: 58860  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: A Side Label

Number: 58861 
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: B Side Label

Number: 1074475 
Uploaded By: Felonious
Description: A side typography variation

Number: 1074479 
Uploaded By: Felonious
Description: B side label cat# font

Number: 592127  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: A side label variation

Number: 592129  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: B side label variation ex JB

2nd Dec 2013
 With thanks to serooskerke2011 for original scans.


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