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Artist:Dee Eldridge
Label:  Major Minor
Catalogue:MM 690
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Community:1 Owns
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ADee EldridgeJoys Of AliciaShevlin, EllistonDave BernsteinNicky WelshRate
BDee EldridgeHalf As MuchWilliamsDave BernsteinNicky WelshRate


Record Mirror review Apr 4, 1970.


29th Jun 2014
 Just been having a chat with my dad about his past ventures over a sunday morning cup of tea and he told me about a little song he wrote and sold to major minor in tin pan alley back in 1970 called the Joys of Alicia, so i looked it up and here it is... :)

22nd Dec 2011
 You could well be right, Bigtom. I looked through the Major Minor listings from an English point of view, and it seems that so many of the names are obviously Irish and unknown to us over here. Maybe somebody out there can confirm where she came from.

22nd Dec 2011
 Well if she is Irish i have never heard of her before now.Just had a quick look at a page of the Major Minor listings and i can see more English artists than i can see Irish artists.There are quite a few one off Irish artists and of course there are loads by The Dubliners whos management co owned the label as far as i know.

22nd Dec 2011
 A & B side label scans uploaded. Can't say I know anything about this lady, but I expect she may well be Irish, since most of Major Minor's output was from over there. Joys of Alicia is a nice record though.

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