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Artist:Bobby Sherman
Label:  Metromedia
Date:May 1969
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More commonly found with "One Too Many Mornings" as the B side.


8th Jun 2013
 It would seem both Little Woman and Easy come easy Go B sides were both replaced with Bobby Sherman compositions, it's no coincidence. Either his composition wasn't ready for release just then or he was rewarded for having a hit.

3rd May 2012
 That I can't say, but all I can tell you is that such a coupling was only unique to Shelley pressings, and never on any Columbia pressings.

3rd May 2012
 Excellent stuff! Thanks, WB. Do you know why the B side was changed so late in the day?

3rd May 2012
 These pressings with that "Love" B-side were indeed from Shelley Products Ltd., in Huntington Station, NY. They would also be second pressings; Shelley's first pressings had "One Too Many Mornings" as the B-side, except with the star on the right instead of "STEREO."

3rd May 2012
 Most copies seem to have "One Too Many Mornings" as the flip, which version boasts a picture sleeve. Sherman's own website discography doesn't mention this pairing, and I have been able to find almost no references to it online. Note the different typeface in the B side title of this compared to the rest of the titling fonts, not to mention the weird matrix number disparity between the sides. (A side carries the 'reverse S' which I believe shows this to be a Shelley, NY, pressing; no doubt W.B.Lbl can tell us more.)

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