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Record Details

Artist:The Sisters Of Mercy
Label:  Merciful Release
Catalogue:MR 45 / 247889-7
Date:Jun 1988
Chart Position:20
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Community:26 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Sisters Of MercyLucretia My ReflectionEldritchEldritch, Larry AlexanderRate
BThe Sisters Of MercyLong Train (1984)EldritchRate


Picture sleeve.


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3rd Apr 2015
 added larger - higher resolution sleeve/label images from the "Orlake" pressed copy with pale blue pictures/lettering on the front sleeve

9th Aug 2014
 my copy has the pale blue lettering for the group name on the front of the sleeve.
Dead wax A and B says "Damont" - A side also says "Philadelphia Crystal Logic", B side has "Fifty Six Million Coaches Long"
No indication of country of origin anywhere on sleeve or labels - however I believe "Damont" is the clue to it being a UK pressing?

Another copy found - this one has "Orlake" in the dead wax

19th Nov 2013
 Sounds like a 'pressed in Germany for the UK market' copy to me, VJ - does it say as much?

18th Nov 2013
 I have a copy with a white WEA label. Vinyl is extremely thin

Oakley Boys
11th Nov 2012
 It's not obvious to see but there are two variations of this sleeve. On the front 'The Sisters Of Mercy' is either filled white or pale blue (same as the pale blue in the picture). i'll check if you can see it with a scan.

16th Jan 2012

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