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Record Details

Artist:Bill Snyder And His Orchestra
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:MSP 6005
Date:Jan 1953
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Community:2 Own
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ABill Snyder And His OrchestraBewitchedRodgers, Hart9.0  Rate
BBill Snyder And His OrchestraDrifting SandsLucky, Short10.0  Rate


B-side has credit 'Ralph Sterling - Vocal'.


15th Dec 2014
 The oldest 45 in my collection, found last week in a battered shoebox on the floor of an antiques shop in North Yorkshire.The vinyl grades at excellent so delighted to give it a home for an outlay of 50p.

18th Feb 2013
 I've just added a Parlophone 78 (the original?) of this. There is also a London 78.
Bewitched also appears on another London 78 (and a 45 EP as mentioned below REP 1011).
And... see Bill Snyder for full 45cat discog.

David M. McKee
18th Sep 2011
 See REP1011 ('Bewitched') for a similar lack of information.

13th Sep 2011
 Nice amount of info. Many thanks all.

9th Oct 2010
 The complete lack of detail about the source of the original recording on this Parlophone label shows why so many US companies were annoyed that their trademark or company name was being ignored.
Both EMI and Decca thought it would be of no interest to a UK buyer to show such info but were finally pressured into adding "recorded by." in small letters.

9th Oct 2010
 Its always confusing when established record companies cease to be and a completely different company stars using the self same name
Parrot was a popular label in the 78 era. A long time after came the UK Decca subsidiary with Tom Jones etc
More recently Sugarhill. Originally a rap label owned by Sylvia Robinson.....now a well respected bluegrass label
There are loads of examples of this

8th Oct 2010
 Tower Records? Initially I thought that can't be right, after all Tower Records (the Capitol subsidary) didn't start till 1964. Intrigued I thought I'd have a dig around and I came across a Cashbox chart from September 1950:

And at No.19 is Bill Snyder with 'Bewitched' on Tower 1472. I looked around the Billboard site from the same period and there I found a full page ad for Tower Records which appears to have nothing to do with Capitol Records, so different label all together.

8th Oct 2010
 Just checked.. this was leased from the US Tower label

The Toad
8th Oct 2010
 Languid romantic piano instrumental, with sparse orchestral backing - an interjection by the trumpets and saxophones late on tends to make you jump. 'Drifting Sands', however, is the standout track: an ambling Cowboy song, complete with the clopping of "horse's hoofs" and the occasion "coyote" howl - a little gem, in fact.
This single was first released as a 78 in 1950 (R 3302); this reissue would appear to have been one of the first batch of 45 rpm records on Parlophone, as witness the large centre hole.

18th Oct 2009
 This is an example: a 1953 'B' side gets a member's sole rating.

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