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Artist:Leapy Lee
Label:  MCA
Catalogue:MU 1028
Date:28 Jun 1968
Chart Position:2
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Community:53 Own, 3 Want
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ALeapy LeeLittle ArrowsHammond, HazlewoodGordon Mills6.3  Rate
BLeapy LeeTime Will TellMills, HarrisGordon Mills8.0  Rate


22nd Aug 2015

6th May 2014
 Real name
Lee Graham

11th Feb 2013
 Sheet music uploaded

6th Jul 2012
 My own Duane CD is on, of all things, Tamla Motown...

carey jeggs
6th Jul 2012
 Cheap CDs of Duane Eddy's hits should be avoided too.They probably contain versions made in England round about 1974.

6th Jul 2012
 And we've just heard that Def Leppard are about to re-record all their old albums in a dispute with their label! :-0

5th Jul 2012
 Agree heartily with all comments. When stars moved labels and spent good studio time and money patiently re-recording inferior versions of their Hits, just who bought them, I've always wondered? Was it misguided Grans shopping at Christmas with your Mum, who spotted an artist you liked and said: 'Gran ... I know he likes him / her. Who not get him/her that!?' - that being (say) an LP of all Paul Anka's hits cut for ABC Paramount and re-recorded for RCA.

5th Jul 2012
 A friend of mine at the time thought this was ace!!!


5th Jul 2012
 re those re-recorded songs on compilation cds - "oh the pain!" :)

5th Jul 2012

4th Jul 2012
 Zabadak Fraid so.

4th Jul 2012
 Are you talking about th dreaded re-recordings?

4th Jul 2012
 Careful of this on CD if possible to listen first do so. If this is Rubbish then the rest on there are Suspect.

23rd Aug 2011
 Another great b-side, btw...

21st Jul 2011
 Swedish Stateside released a lot of non-EMI material...They released EP's by Wink Martindale,Del Shannon and Pat Boone all Decca originally....maybe the Swedish Decca company (Electra) passed on Leapy Lee so it was up for grabs. It appeared in Germany on the Hansa-Ariola label

carey jeggs
21st Jul 2011
 Why on earth was it released on Stateside in Sweden?

20th Jul 2011
 I got this given to me as a sixth birthday pressie!

19th Mar 2011
 Re-issued in 1975 with catalogue number MCA 167.

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