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Artist:Jackie Wilson
Label:  MCA
Catalogue:MU 1131
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Community:5 Own, 2 Want
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AJackie Wilson(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And HigherJackson, Smith10.0  Rate
BJackie WilsonWhispersAcklin, ScottRate


3rd Dec 2014
 Added label variation

13th Jan 2014
 yankeedisc: thanks. i've bought second (and further subsequent) copies of very few of my singles - usually only because the earlier copies were pinched at a club, gig or disco, or because they'd been worn flat by repeated play/lending to the langwith college bar juke-box.
it's been a great disappointment, the occasions when the new copy of allegedly the same track has been an inferior stereo, or "simulated stereo" re-recording, re-channelling or re-mix.

12th Jan 2014
 If you look at previous UK issues, the master numbers are the same #119161, for "Higher And Higher" back on BAG 2 and Q 72493, in fact the same as the US master 55336, so I'm guessing they're all mono.

"Whispers" master #117800 checks out as well, on Q 72487 and BAG 2, and US original, 55300, so all mono again.

I would think that the 1975 reissue of "Higher And Higher" BR 18 was stereo, as was SKM 1 which shows 'stereo' on the paper label, as does yet another reissue SKM 10.

"Whispers" as a later reissue is also stereo.

12th Jan 2014
 if this is a straight re-release of the mca uk "soul bag" label two a-sides reissue: but see strange stories in the comments to some of the merkin apparent reissues - a convoluted history indeed, and one which i knew only a quarter of. (was the later stereo recording not released at all in the uk?)

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