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Record Details

Artist:Dave Newman
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 45134
Date:10 Mar 1972
Chart Position:34
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Community:24 Own
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ADave NewmanThe Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)Weiss, Peretti, Creator, Stanton, Based On A Song By Paul CampbellA Prudence Production7.0  Rate
BDave NewmanMother's Gone WalkingMcHaleA Prudence ProductionRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 415


Oakley Boys
10th Nov 2014
 Just found out today that I work with his daughter! :-)

30th Sep 2014
 I would guess that this 'Opportunity Knocks' discovered artist and song were bought mostly through Woolworths- which were not chart return stores generally.(and a slow sale over a couple of months. Being ITV led, its possible BBC radio did not promote it (and wasnt there a BBC technicians strike at this time- so no TOTP promotion?)


18th Jun 2014
 There was a version by an a-cappella group called the Nylons

Neil Forbes
18th Jun 2014
 Robert John's version is one that snuck past me. Gotta admit I haven't heard that one! But I am familiar with his "Sad Eyes" track.

Neil Forbes
18th Jun 2014
 Which are the other two versions, R.C.? The Love Machine's(Australia) was in 1970(and was originally issued in 1968 but dudded that year) and the only other version I could think of was gosh-awful Tight Fit version of the early 1980s(like fingers down a blackboard - shudder.

Record Collector
18th Jun 2014
 maybe because of Robert johns version who had very sad eyes seven years later in 1979

Neil Forbes
18th Jun 2014
 Thanks for the info, R.C.! Only made #34, ay? Ol' Davey boy ain't as popular with the Brits as I thought he might've been.

Record Collector
18th Jun 2014
 yeah wouldn't that be interesting three versions of the same song on the top 40 at the same time

Record Collector
18th Jun 2014
 Dave Newmans version only reached number 34 on the UK charts

Neil Forbes
18th Jun 2014
 I have had my copy of this record for somewhere around the 25-30 year mark. A very Spector-like production. I never bothered with the B-side as I've heard the song elsewhere by another artist. It's an old C. & W. religious moan-and-groaner and, being the atheist that I am, such a track is the last thing I want to hear! As far as I am aware, there is no Australian Astor-label issue of this record. Pity about that! The record might've done well on our charts.

Neil Forbes
18th Jun 2014
 Added my copy to this group a few hours ago, interested to see more pristine capy, and also with solid centre, plus the PYE promo label. Still waiting to find out how the record did on UK charts in '72. Anyone got any info there?

Record Collector
18th Jun 2014

Lord Boot Sale
1st May 2012
 It can be found here

1st May 2012
 have this record but cannot find anywhere thats shows the song have tried u tube under dave newman but dosent seem to be anywhere can anyone help me here the song as would like to record it,as my record cannot copy it.

11th Apr 2011
 Basildon's singing milkman!

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