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Record Details

Artist:Village People
Label:  Casablanca
Catalogue:NB 973
Date:Mar 1979
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Community:35 Own
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AVillage PeopleIn The NavyJ. Morali, H. Belolo, V. WillisJacques Morali10.0  Rate
BVillage PeopleManhattan WomanJ. Morali, H. Belolo, V. WillisJacques MoraliRate


18th Dec 2014
 Added label variant from Columbia, Santa Maria, CA (25).

20th Jul 2012
 added another set of labels

2nd Jun 2012
 I doubt they had 73 plants within the U.S. to choose from, because I never saw a single-digit code on their labels.

2nd Jun 2012
 I suspected that might be it, but didn't like to assume. Is there a 'master list' of numbers available anywhere for reference? (And did they really have 73 different pressing plants available to them, or were these numbers pulled out of thin air?)

2nd Jun 2012
 .....thank you, W.B.lbl as always, for your information, obliged.

2nd Jun 2012
 '73' signified Columbia Records' Terre Haute, IN pressing plant, while '56' was the PolyGram code for Columbia's Pitman, NJ plant.

2nd Jun 2012
 .....Klepsie, the little numbers are code for the respective US pressing plants used to manufacture these discs. Our in house US experts can no doubt fill in the details.

31st May 2012
 Added label scans which instead of the little "73" at the left hand side, have a little "56". Anyone know what this number signifies?

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