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Artist:Oliver Morgan
Label:  Track [New Orleans]
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a) 204-1268
b) 204-1269


Comments and Reviews
18th May 2014
 Cheers thanks. I thought it was too much of a coincidence!
(I've never even heard of Ray Bracken BTW but that sounds worth a listen!)

16th May 2014
 Yep, that's the tune. 9th Ward Jukebox just made up that title 'cause he doesn't know the real one.

16th May 2014
 Thanks for the reply Anabella. 9th Ward Jukebox has this one but it's called The Crawfish Man. Is this the same track as The Original Crayfish?

15th May 2014
 Hi Jorrox. It's been awhile since I've heard this record, but as I recall Morgan's version of Stagger Lee is....respectable.

The Original Crayfish sounds like it should have been a promo item for a seafood restaurant, rather like Ray Bracken's Do the Crawfish on Scram was for Al Scrammuza's Seafood City.....except it's a lot better than that truly awful recording. The song itself isn't much, but there is this notably strange interplay of prominent fuzz guitar and trombone to recommend it.

All in all, the record has a "tossed off" quality which I'm sure would not appeal to a lot of folks. Me, I rather like that sort of thing. Still, it's not something I'd pay a lot of money for.


15th May 2014
 I've never heard these two tracks. Good?

16th Jan 2013
 scans courtesy John Broven

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