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Artist:The Rouzan Sisters
Label:  Frisco
Date:Jan 1966
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AThe Rouzan SistersMen Of WarAl Reed8.0  Rate
BThe Rouzan SistersDance Every DanceAl Reed6.0  Rate


BB ad Jan 29, 1966

distributed by Dover Records, New Orleans


Comments and Reviews
16th Dec 2016
 Wanda, Barbara and Laura Rouzan.

2nd Aug 2013
 The "N.O. 70130" is "NEW ORLEANS" and the ZIPCODE .

21st Mar 2013
 Also . . . {Images #769481 & 769483} would appear to emanate from Superior Plastics, which was Dover's pressing firm.

21st Mar 2013
 SoN was a small pressing plant whose typesetting in those days was same as seen on Southern Plastics and Precision Record Pressing-made copies.

21st Mar 2013
 D'oh! I should have sussed the latter from the fact that the same number is in the rim text on the other pressing.

Can you pinpoint where these were manufactured, WB? (SoN would be masterers rather than a pressing plant, right?)

21st Mar 2013
 Well, the "SoN" signifies Sound of Nashville . . . the "N.O. 70130" was a reference to Dover's address.

21st Mar 2013
 Added variant scans which lack the horizontal lines (and the catalogue number on the B side).

Both sets of scans have a mysterious third number alongside the main cat no and the matrix no; on mine it's "N.O.70130" both sides, and on 55bluesman's it's "SoN 25731/SoN 25732". Wonder what those signify.

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