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Artist:Shade's Of Jade
Label:  Cenco
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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Juke Jules
8th Apr 2013
 The 'Spry' has been removed following the discussion on record 115

Juke Jules
16th May 2012
 OK, Let's re-name this red label Cenco [Spry] for now, maybe more information will come later

16th May 2012
 Unless I'm very much mistaken this is a horrendous example of an incorrect apostrophe... grrr.

wurlitzer 1550a
16th May 2012
 Thanks Jules, I have made a (feeble) attempt at your suggestion with current links. I don't know how long the links will be valid though.

Juke Jules
16th May 2012
 Wurlitzer - A link would be fine; I suggest you use 'Create Biography' on the Cenco page and put it in there. Also you can add entries for records if don't have the record but you know enough details. If you know that your label was unrelated to this Cenco you could maybe add an entry and give the label a distinguishing name. It is always possible for a moderator to change the name later if more information comes to light. - Jules

wurlitzer 1550a
16th May 2012
 Having looked on fleabay USA, it would appear that there is/was another Cenco label. Black labels with no mention of Spry Records Group. Label has slightly different format but would using same cat numbers. I would post a link to a completed listing but unsure whether it breaks the House Rules.

davie gordon
14th May 2012
 Cenco was a mid-sixties Los Angeles label, a division of Spry which was active in the fifties.

There were at least fifteen singles on Cenco and an album by Ike and Tina Turner.
If I remember rightly Ike Turner owed the label owner some money - Ike gave him a batch of
tapes which were issued as an album. These tapes were later sold to Capitol and, after
some tweaking, were issued as the "Her Man, His Woman" album.

Some of the singles on Cenco command quite high prices in northern / rare soul circles
mainly because very few copies were ever pressed.

wurlitzer 1550a
14th May 2012

wurlitzer 1550a
14th May 2012

wurlitzer 1550a
14th May 2012
 Apart from being a West Coast group, can find no information about either the label or group.

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