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Artist:4 Young Men
Label:  White Cliffs
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A4 Young MenHuggy BearJack BurchenalRate
B4 Young MenThe First TimeEwan MuLollRate


Comments and Reviews
davie gordon
16th Apr 2013
 Thanks - that must be it. I only checked for a release as a single which threw me off.
The song's older than I thought, looking for likely suspects I found album versions by
The Kingston Trio (1962) The Chad Mitchell Trio (1964) and, as you said, Peter Paul and Mary
- their version's on the "See What Tomorrow Brings" album which charted in Oct. 1965.

I shouldn't be surprised that were were folkies in N'awlins but I was :)


16th Apr 2013
 Peter, Paul and Mary amongst others had recorded it. I, surprised we only have the five versions on the database given the number of covers.

davie gordon
16th Apr 2013
 That's curious - the B-side is a very early American version of Ewan McColl's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". Wonder how the group got to hear it that early.

It's got to be the same song as Roberta Flack's much later hit version also credits Storm King
Music as the publisher.

14th Apr 2013
 Uploaded for The Cosimo Code Project.

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