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Artist:Blue Swede
Label:  Capitol
Date:Dec 1973
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Community:12 Own
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ABlue SwedeHooked On A FeelingMark JamesBengt Palmers1.0  Rate
BBlue SwedeGotta Have Your LoveB. Palmers, B. SkifsBengt PalmersBengt PalmersRate


3rd Aug 2013
 This is hardly the only case of a 45 pressing from 1973 being on a label other than what was intended. And interestingly, the other example was likewise pressed by Capitol - a Philadelphia International issue of The Intruders' "I'll Always Love My Mama" (Part 1) whose regular issue was on Gamble.

14th Oct 2012
 That makes sense......hope it was worth searching through 2000 records to find it just now lol.

14th Oct 2012
 Thus you have a Jacksonville, albeit with L.A. typesetting on the label. So apparently Jacksonville, at first, didn't have EMI label sheets, and therefore used Capitol sheets to print the type on.

14th Oct 2012
 To the best I can tell, this is what it is

A side - X48072 3627 F1 #4
B side - X48073 3627 F1 #7

Both sides have a stamped "MASTERED BY CAPITOL"

24th Aug 2012
 the first Swedish act to hit #1 in the U.S. with this single

24th Apr 2012
 Looking at the way the colors look, plus the shape, I'm estimating that Capitol copy of "Hooked on a Feeling" was from Jacksonville, IL (despite the L.A. typesetting).

24th Apr 2012
 W.B....boyjohn is from California, so likely he has an LA copy of this....I'm speculating with the release date, just on the cat. number alone, It could have been assigned - canceled - then released at a later date of course....(if only I could get my mitts on the Tower's files now!)....Good Vibrations was obviously planned for a July '66 release, but with Brian Wilson procrastinating (and rightly so) it forced Capitol to make other plans, (they later simply used the earlier assigned cat. no.)........Simon wanted "American Tune" issued as the follow-up to "Kodachrome", Columbia wanted "Loves Me Like A Rock" and won, then issued "American Tune" as the third single from the Lp with the assigned cat. no.......Prince's "Pop Life" and "America" singles come to mind with Back-to-Back numbers but issued 4 months apart (and since Warner Bros. used descending numbers "America" should be first!)..I love mysteries ...8-P....John

23rd Apr 2012
 Sometimes releases were issued several months after their catalogue numbers were assigned. (Think Paul Simon's "American Tune" {Columbia 4-45900} which, though its catalogue number was lower than "Loves Me Like A Rock" {4-45907}, was released months after. Or, even in Capitol's case, The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" {5676} released a few months after "Wouldn't It Be Nice" {5706} in 1966.) Also, the Winchester copies of "Hooked on a Feeling" used 7 point IBM Selectric Composer Univers Medium and 10 point IBM Selectric Composer Univers Bold, which were in the typesetting department of that plant by December 1973 which was the cited month of original release as listed on the Starline issue. Whereas in May 1973 Winchester still had the Varityper versions of Univers and Univers Bold in their library {as evidenced on Helen Reddy's "Delta Dawn," Wings' "Live and Let Die," and George Harrison's "Give Me Love - Give Me Peace on Earth"}. (Apparently it was around September or October that the typesetting switch occurred there.)

Just curious: Which deadwax markings are on the copies of "Hooked..." with the Capitol label instead of EMI? (I can say the label typesetting here is from Los Angeles.)

23rd Apr 2012
 The Capitol Starline issue has December 1973 printed on label.

22nd Apr 2012
 The cat no. for this has it being issued in May of 1973, since the EMI issue uses the same cat number, I'm tending to believe that the EMI release was issued around Dec. '73/Jan '74....John (entered first ARSA chart Jan 21, 1974)

27th Feb 2012
 Added the Capitol version of this. Was only on Capitol for a very short time before being switched to the EMI label with the same cat #.3627

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