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Artist:The Deno's
Label:  Big Beat [Louisiana / Mississippi]
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AThe Deno'sHey BabyCobb, ChannellA MCM Prod.Rate
BThe Deno'sThat Won't Get ItB. Carr, D. DavidsonA MCM Prod.Rate


a) WD-20 / 215-1366
b) WD-21 / 215-1367


Comments and Reviews
2nd Feb 2017
 gambling machines incl. one arm bandits, slot machines (not all necessarily involving gambling), pinball machines and juke boxes were frequently supplied by the same company, who'd typically take a (fairly high) percentage of each machine's cash take on top of a weekly or monthly hire charge. they'd normally also supply the singles, choosing what and whose records they put on each machine: why not get an extra slice - or several - by choosing maybe one record in four of the four new discs you supplied a month from the catalogue of a label you owned or part-owned, of whose publishing rights you might also own a share, and maybe also get a part of the distributor's cut. . ?

(the lowest-cat#ed singles, from 101 up, start off with music from various small publishers, and the label being declared a division of m. c. m. entertprizes inc. - the names and the ownership of the publishing and distribution companies involved seems to've bee progressively ah, "centralized" as doubtless was indicated convenient by time, tide and buttered eggs. . .)

21st Jan 2017
 John Mihelec is perhaps John Mahalic [also spelled Mihelic], member of James Gilreath's band The Nite-Liters???

He is, however, usually associated with the Tupelo area. His brother Michael ran a recording studio in the area until his death in 2012.

21st Jan 2017
 Dominic Fratesi and Raymond Ristom owned the Dixon Amusement Company. They, along with A. J. Malouf [owner of Malouf Music], were charged with owning unregistered gambling machines in 1970. 435 machines were seized at the time. In 1973, they went to court to try to get them back on the basis that part of the law was unconstitutional. They were not successful.

Looks to me as if they might also have been facing charges of interstate transport and "supplying" as well, but for whatever reason, weren't charged.

21st Jan 2017
 Looks like Charles Shaffer also owned Hot Line [Nashville].....with releases by both The Backyard Heavies and Wilbert Harrison which are Marshall Sehorn related.

21st Jan 2017
 Hines and the Greenville connection are certainly worth of further investigation. I've found several people who had a part in that at a moment or another :

John Mihelec - had a studio venture with three partners on Greenwood, Miss. (not far for Greenville).

Dominic Fratesi
: Mihelec's partner. owned and operated a juke box business in the delta.

Reginald Hines : Talent scout for the organization.

Charley Shaffer, Indicted for tax evasion. One of his last business was Cutlass Records in Nashville.

Marshall Sehorn : produced some records for Big Beat

Many more were involved I think

20th Jan 2017
 That NOLA production credit on the b-side label is pretty interesting too.....

20th Jan 2017
 I've wondered at times if Hines didn't buy existing labels.

A very similar situation with Odex...first incarnation appears to operate out of New Orleans with different people involved...next, it's a Hines label being run out of Greenville.

20th Jan 2017
 "Why Mississippi?"

Probably because of the Greenville Miss distribution on some 45s. Are they all the same Big Beat label anyway?

Edit: same label indeed, see Naomi Bradly 45.

20th Jan 2017
 Why Mississippi?

M.C.M. Enterprizes and Big Beat Music : both corporations status filed on May 26, 1965 :

Address: C/O Isaac Abramson
Shreveport, LA 71101
Registered Agent: Isaac Abramson


20th Jan 2017
 A new one for the Cosimo Code site.

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