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Artist:Hollywood Jills
Label:  Tune-Kel
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AHollywood JillsDon't Try To Fake ItSax KariSax KariRate
BHollywood JillsYour Sometimes LoveSax KariSax KariRate


12th Apr 2013
 Scans uploaded for The Cosimo Code Project.

davie gordon
18th Jun 2012
 It's Seven B. I'll leave off adding anything for now - will check later and see if I can add
anything to what you've entered. I've gaps in my Seven B listing after 7020 - maybe the Hollywood Jills fills one of the gaps.

Dr Doom
18th Jun 2012
 I've added them too davie.

The sleeve for the Fumigate Funky Broadway lists an even earlier issue on either Seven B or possibly Seven 8 (It's hard to read) but I can't find any evidence of it so I've stuck with the Tune-Kel issue as the original for now.

davie gordon
18th Jun 2012
 Maybe old tracks pulled from the shelves - the group had an earlier single on Tune-Kel 606
which was issued nationally on Capitol in 1968. I'll add the other single when I've checked that
both issues had the same tracks.

Dr Doom
18th Jun 2012
 This is date stamped 1972 but it sure doesn't sound 1972.

Great 45!

Dr Doom
18th Jun 2012

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