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Artist:Don Bach
Label:  Warwick
Catalogue:M 632 / M-632
Date:Mar 1961
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Community:6 Own
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ADon BachCheyenneEvansRate
BDon BachEarly In The MorningClaunch, FeathersRate


BB ad March 13, 1961

a) 61-WA 32
b) 61-WA 33


Comments and Reviews
30th Mar 2014

A Side: Cheyenne - it's obvious from these Youtube clips this 45 was also issued on Top Rank Int'l

30th Mar 2014

B Side: Early In The Morning

10th Mar 2014
 Also recorded as Don Buck, according to a new addition; copyright entries show his actual name was Don Bachman.

3rd Nov 2013
 Years ago I was at the Pasadena swap meet, and standing next to a guy who was testing out records on his portable player. He sampled "Cheyenne" by Don Bach, and it immediately caught my ear. The guy seemed to be on the fence about whether to purchase it or not, and I'm holding my breath hoping he'll toss it back in the pile. Finally, he did, and I immediately grabbed it. Cost me a whole quarter. Wonderful record.

31st Oct 2013
 White label scans added. Are these promos? Have never seen a white Warwick label before.


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