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Artist:Jo-Ann Campbell
Label:  Gone
Date:Feb 1959
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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AJo-Ann CampbellMama (Can I Go Out Tonight)Bo Didley9.0  Rate
BJo-Ann CampbellNervousJo-Ann Campbell7.0  Rate


25th Sep 2013
 Alan Freed certainly had connections with Chess.

25th Sep 2013
 Chuck Berry appeared in the movie with no less than three songs (even the title, of course, comes from "Johnny B. Goode"). So perhaps Chess had some dealings in the background?

mickey rat
25th Sep 2013
  For someone remembered by some as a one-trick pony, Bo Diddley was much more diverse, particularly in the song-writing department with hundreds of copyrights to his various names. After a lengthy court case against Mickey & Sylvia his original writing of "Love Is Strange" (registered under his wife Ethel Smith's name) was recognised, and then there's this one - the original March 9 1959 copyright registration lists "Bo-Didley" as the writer, New York firm Figure Music as the publisher, and the song as "from Go Johnny Go", but by the time Jo Ann Campbell's record hit the streets, George Goldner's RealGone Music seems to have acquired the rights. Nowadays the BMI database lists Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley) as composer and EMI Longitude as the current corporate owner of the song. The publishing food chain continues to fascinate me but how on earth did Bo Diddley get involved with this Alan Freed movie?

24th Sep 2013
 Note how title changed from "...Tonight" to "...Tonite" on the second issue. Also note composers and their spellings. This was one of the last GONE issues on the black label, whereas the label switched to the multi-colored variation at #5057.

"Mama..." was performed by Jo-Ann as part of a stage show in the movie GO JOHNNY GO starring Jimmy Clanton.


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