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Artist:The Forum
Label:  Mira
Date:Dec 1966
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Community:6 Own
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AThe ForumThe River Is WideBilly Admire, Gary KnightNorm Ratner9.5  Rate
BThe ForumI Fall In Love (All Over Again)Billy PageNorm Ratner6.0  Rate


Billboard Dec 24, 1966

a) 66-3064 A
b) 66-3064 B


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3rd Jul 2014
 Here's the promo label version


14th Nov 2013
 Promotional labels added

12th Jun 2013
 Quoting from Youtube contributor named and acknowkledged: JRNelsonSr - One of FIVE (count 'em) variations on this classic 1967 Top 50 hit - black vs. blue labels which could contain one of two B sides (either "Girl Without A Boy" or "I Fall In Love (All Over Again)" - no consistency. As near as I can figure GWAB is on the early pressings, and then was swapped in favor of the original B side from when a different mix/edit of the song was released locally on Pat Boone's Penthouse Productions label.) Blue label copies were made from a different master tape than the more common black label pressings, the blue having a longer running time, a quicker fade out, and slightly less compression - listen to the volume drop when the vocal starts. The black label variation is also availible for viewing here: the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55qp1M... if you want to watch. END OF QUOTE. I tried the link provided for the version on the Mira black label, but is is no longer available.


12th Jun 2013

A Side: The River Is Wide - blue label version

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