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Artist:The Fabuliers
Label:  Chase [New Orleans]
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AThe FabuliersI Go WalkingJoe SouthStanley ChaissonRate
BThe FabuliersThe Night Belongs To YouMike MooreStanley Chaisson7.0  Rate


Comments and Reviews
23rd Apr 2015

29th Aug 2014
 Looking for more information on this song, writer Mike Moore and/or The Fabuliers!! Are any of these musicians still in the New Orleans area?
Thanks in advance, Bill in NOLA

23rd Aug 2013
 Just discovered this recording. I'm working on posting lyrics but am stuck on the line after the bridge; "Everyday your hand(s), _____ to(?) make you understand."
This recording is close to the key of G. The instruments may have been flat or the recording fast, but still great in the key of G-a-little-bit-low
Bill in New Orleans

13th Apr 2013
 Uploaded for The Cosimo Code Project.

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