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Artist:Marcel And The Exiles
Label:  Exit [New Orleans]
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AMarcel And The ExilesCastro MashRebennack, O'NeilRate
BThe Exiles [Exit]Batch O'NovaRebennack, O'NeilRate


129-679 - White Cliffs Publishing
129-680 - White Cliffs Publishing


Comments and Reviews
2nd Jul 2016
 Is the M. Rebennack the same as the artist Dr. John? His M. stood for Mac. I realize the two surnames are slightly different.

1st Jul 2016
 Leo O'Neil was a trombonist who, along with Rebennack, played in Joe Barry's band, the Vikings, in 1962.

Fwiw, they apparently also backed Barbara Lynn on "You'll Lose A Good Thing".

1st Jul 2016
 THE CASTRO MASH; w & m M. Rebennack &
L. O'Nell. © Leo O'Neil & Malcolm
Rebennack; 19Apr65; EU878393.

1st Jul 2016
 Thanks for the treat Peter!

1st Jul 2016
 Here's the A side:

This seems to be connected to Eon 101 which has the same Cosimo client number and label design, and consecutive master numbers.

davie gordon
1st Jul 2016
 The lineup given by Praguefrank refers to The Exiles who eventually became Exile.
Marcel and The Exiles / The Exiles are a different group. I'll rename this lot The Exiles [Exit]
to separate them from the Kentucky group.

1st Jul 2016
 At a glance, I'd say this looks like a [novelty?] one-off by Mac Rebennack and pals. There are several examples of that ilk about.

In short, it has all the hallmarks of a locally produced N.O. record.

Unfortunately, I've never heard either side. Perhaps peterh could be of help?

1st Jul 2016
 According to Praguefrank they are Jimmy Stokley, Ronnie 'Mack' Davenport, Paul Smith, Mike Howard, Billy Luxon, J.P. Pennington, Buzz Cornelison

Scott Tracy
1st Jul 2016
 Bio's all say that the group formed in Richmond, Kentucky in 1963.
So is this New Orleans recording a different group?

18th Apr 2013
 scans courtesy Peter H - kindly provided for The Cosimo Code Project - Come Join the Team!

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Tags:  White Cliffs Pub. Co. (BMI)

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