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Artist:The Royaltones
Label:  Mala
Date:Jan 1964
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AThe RoyaltonesOur Faded LoveG. Katsakis, D. CoffeyEmbee ProductionsRate
BThe RoyaltonesHoly SmokesD. Coffey, R. KreinerEmbee ProductionsRate


BB April 11 - entered bubbling under chart, reached no. 103

March 10 - reached no. 9 on CKLW

ARSA charts

a) 6105
b) 6106


13th Nov 2013
 In 1964-1965, The Royaltones were being managed by EMBEE Productions, who also managed Del Shannon. Beginning with Del's mid-1964, "Handy Man" hit, The Royaltones also served as Del's studio band.

The band, or members thereof, played on all the rest of Del's singles and albums in 1964-'65, including his Hank Williams tribute album, and hit singles such as "Do You Wanna Dance", "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)', "Stranger In Town" and others.

Royaltones guitarist Dennis Coffey and bassist Bob "Babbitt" Kreinar (aka "Bob Babbitt") later migrated to Motown, where they became late-60's members of the legendary "Funk Brothers". Former EMBEE co-owner, Harry Balk, also wound up at Motown.

Coffey went on to his own record success in the 70's, and Bob Babbitt went on to further fame as a studio ace.

The group's sax / clarinet player, George Katsakis, had also played on Jack Scott's earlier hits, for the Carlton label.

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