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Artist:The Dream Academy
Label:  blanco y negro
Catalogue:NEG 10 / 249146-7
Date:Mar 1985
Chart Position:15
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Community:47 Own
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AThe Dream AcademyLife In A Northern TownLaird-Clowes, GabrielGilmour, Laird-Clowes, Nicholson9.3  Rate
BThe Dream AcademyTest Tape No.3Laird-Clowes, GabrielDream AcademyRate


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7th Dec 2012
 Nick Laird-Clowes is indeed an interesting guy, I also like his previous and later afforts, much different every time: Alfalpha, The Act and Trashmonk

3rd Jun 2012
 Here is an interesting interview with Kevin Metcalfe about mastering at Utopia.

3rd Jun 2012
 I believe Utopia was first and foremost a studio - they must, as with the Richard Myhill, have gone into production/management as well. They had both recording and mastering facilities, and were a high-end (ie expensive) choice for mastering in London. The lyre symbol in the deadwax simply denotes mastering at Utopia. Their equivalent of "A Porky Prime Cut".

3rd Jun 2012
 Utopia was a production/publishing company - see 6007 167 for one of its biggest hits.

I have a number of singles on various labels from the late 70s/early 80s with the Utopia logo scratched into the run-out: GT 91, VS 219 and POSP 001 being just three of them.

3rd Jun 2012
 runout on side 1 has "Utopia" handwritten - someone took a great deal of care writing this on the master disc.

my copy is an early pressing with the paper labels in a glossy thin card sleeve, with a "Ferret And Spanner Plugging Co. Ltd." sticker on the front cover.

Reminds me of when I worked in a record shop, great song :)

3rd Jun 2012
 The odd thing for me about my general dislike of 80's stuff is that it was the very period that I spent the most time working with musicians. I ought to have had a better affinity with it - but somehow it all seemed either very cold and soulless, or just a bland reworking of stuff that had been done better before. I did have my favourites despite this though (Soft Cell, Adam & The Ants and the Pet Shop Boys), but for me it was never the same buzz and thrill I got from my 70's heroes. For me the 80's was a decade that never really knew where it was going or what it was doing - a decade muddled by the intensity of those that truly defined pop music in the 50s, 60s and 70s; apart from the occasional ray of brilliance - like this Dream Academy single - most stuff since then has been derivative.
That's my opinion on the subject anyway!
*gets coat*

3rd Jun 2012
 The 80s marked a real sabbatical for me from music telegram sam - though I spent some of the early part of it messing about in a studio and with synths (all analogue), learning saxophone and playing music live a handful of times. Then other priorities took over...

Nice to hear of a musician friend getting some success: I loved some of the the synth-pop of the early 80s (c/o the Human League youtube I've just posted a link to ), but I think it really killed things off for some musicians of the time with all-round talent (or at least made it more difficult for them).

3rd Jun 2012
 I'm with you there Scratchy - most 80's stuff leaves me cold. This is a rare shaft of light in an otherwise rather naff decade. Nick Laird-Clowes is an old mate of mine I worked with before this came out. He's a really nice guy and I was really chuffed when this excellent tune did so well. Good on yer Nick!!

3rd Jun 2012
 Found the 12" version of this yesterday - and was reminded what a superb single this is. Unfortunately, it passed me by at the time - but then much music did in the mid-to-late-80s, a fallow period for me as far as music was concerned.

24th Mar 2012
 I have silver/black injection moulds. I'll scan them on Monday and upload in the interests of completeness.

And dinker, I agree, this is a corking song.

It was unfortunately sampled by the rather less brilliant Dario G back in the 90s.

8th Sep 2011
 A perfect piece of 7" vinyl. Beautiful song, perfectly performed and recorded.

I know that the song is about song writer Nick Drake, but it takes me back to the time when a lot of north england was going through hard times and the reference to industry dissapearing is still relavent today in 2011.

This was around at the same time that Erasure's "Circus" was playing on my turntable and it seems that song writing was reflecting reality without losing melody and song crafting.

Even though there is a world wide recession going on at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any songs that are marking this phase of history.

8th Sep 2011

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