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Record Details

Artist:The Damned
Label:  Big Beat
Catalogue:NS 75
Date:4 Feb 1982
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Community:30 Own, 1 Wants
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A1The DamnedLove Song8.0  Rate
B1The DamnedNoise Noise Noise7.5  Rate
B2The DamnedSuicide7.0  Rate


Reissue copies which mimic the original release but this time only three different sleeves as Algy Ward was no longer a member of the band.

Blue vinyl this time instead of red or black.


28th Feb 2013
 It's hard to tell from the scan could well be a swap about but from the degradation of the sleeve I'd plump for a paper one

28th Feb 2013
Hm. Looks like the thicker card cover. Could this be a Chiswick cover?

19th Feb 2013
 Seems I was wrong as a black label/black vinyl one sold on ebay in a Dave Vanian sleeve for


28th Apr 2012
 The black vinyl/black labels are rare as the proverbial hens teeth but you can pick them up for next to nothing if lucky (as opposed to £100+ ebay last one sold) mine was a pound :-)

Dr Doom
24th Apr 2012
 Algy Ward sleeve removed.

Hadn't realised they'd only done the three sleeves second time around (sic) but it makes sense of course!

: )

10th Mar 2012
 Repressed (in Germany, for UK consumption) around 1985; black vinyl and grey labels.

What's interesting is that the a-side of this version features the intro as included on the 'MGE' LP (albeit without Jack Howarth's spoken greeting), and that both b-side tracks are unedited and unsegued (which was quite a shock after six years of listening to the older pressings!)

7th Feb 2012
 You can get a rare black vinyl/black label all with Rat Scabies sleeve

5th Aug 2011
 This was released in both black vinyl and blue vinyl but no Algy Ward sleeve as 'smashitup' stated. He was no longer in the band at this time.

18th Jun 2011
 When this was re-issued by Big Beat on blue vinyl, there was no Algy Ward sleeve.

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