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Record Details

Artist:Jonathan King
Label:  Old Gold
Catalogue:OG 9104
Date:Jul 1982
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Community:11 Own
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AJonathan KingEveryone's Gone To The MoonJ. KingKen JonesKen JonesRate
BJonathan KingSummer's ComingJ. KingKen JonesKen JonesRate


11th Jun 2014
 A-side in stereo on the USA Parrot Great Hits label

31st Jan 2012
 No, the 'upstart' Beacon - the one always in trouble with the IBA for daring to do things differently.

31st Jan 2012
 I am in the West Midlands recordman46 .... what station was it .... B.R.M.B. ?

31st Jan 2012
KeithS: Never EVER seen an Old Gold Promo........Don't think they ever had promo copies......In the early to mid-80s I worked on a radio station in the West Midlands and I blagged the whole Old Gold catalogue (at the time) for the oldies show. They were all stock/shop copies that arrived.

31st Jan 2012
 I have vague recollections of seeing a push out centre one once ... or did I dream it ?

Alan Phillips
31st Jan 2012
 I haven't either, also never seen one with a push out centre, which is surprising as they were
aimed at the Juke Box market. Lightning were big Juke Box suppliers, I used to buy all my records from them in the 70's, they had a dinking machine, and it was interesting watching that at work - they broke 50% of them!

31st Jan 2012
 Never EVER seen an Old Gold Promo

Alan Phillips
31st Jan 2012
 Added scans of earlier label design

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