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Artist:The Move
Label:  Old Gold
Catalogue:OG 9226
Date:Jul 1982
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:8 Own
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AThe MoveFlowers In The RainRoy WoodDenny CordellRate
BThe MoveFire BrigadeRoy WoodDenny CordellRate


6th Mar 2014
 I think they are a few years after that... the barcodes came in about 1985. I'm sure the picture sleeves are more like 1989ish.

5th Mar 2014
 From what I've seen, picture sleeves started with the bar-coded labels

28th Feb 2014
 Just check www.45-sleeves.com they date the yellow bar coded labels as 1985-90 but have no mention of the custom picture sleeves only the standard company bags.

28th Feb 2014
 I assume they are later as you say they have a barcode which was around '84-'85 I think ? The early ones seem just to have one of the many many company bags OG had

28th Feb 2014
 Would I be right in assuming that Old Gold did not introduce the Picture Sleeves until the mid 80s just like the Bar Codes ? None of the earlier issues ever had a PS

28th Feb 2014
 added picture sleeve and variant images, the other barcoded images uploaded by sander1 have 'lincensed by Dakota Records' my images are the same but licensed by 'Cube records' if anyone knows the dates cube became dakota that will date them.

15th Jan 2014
 Some issue came with picture sleeve

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