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Record Details

Artist:Derek Taylor
Label:  OK
Catalogue:OK 004
Date:Oct 1982
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:4 Own
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ADerek TaylorSalute To JolsonHarry BarryRate
BDerek TaylorBack On The Silver ScreenHarry BarryHarry BarryRate


Number: 216788  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: telegramsam
Description: Front Cover

Number: 216789 
Uploaded By: telegramsam
Description: Rear Cover

Number: 216790 
Uploaded By: telegramsam
Description: A Side Label

Number: 216791 
Uploaded By: telegramsam
Description: B Side Label

6th Jan 2014
 Absolutely random - unashamedly, Derek is my grampa. Apologies for the burst ear drums. I guess he did his best...the rest of the grand kids found this & I've yet to listen.
All i can say is - live and in person, my grampa is a very funny, entertaining guy & hopefully sounds better :-)

22nd Jun 2011
 Ha ha ha! I'm glad this one hit the spot. It was one of my favourite rubbish records (and I have plenty more where that came from). I need help . . . I really do . . .

21st Jun 2011
 I can't stop laughing at Deltics comment either! Made my evening that has

21st Jun 2011
 Ironic that its on OK Records ..... I would have suggested a re-branding to Bloody Awful Records

21st Jun 2011
 The noise you can hear is Al Jolson spinning in his grave!

21st Jun 2011
 Kill me now!

21st Jun 2011
 Yet another oddity from my Radio London Crud Corner spot way back in the early '80's. This guy's act was . . . err . . as Britain's leading Jolson impersonator. Incredibly I managed to find a YT link to a 12" version of this record. I must stress that my upload is a 7" though!!
Prepare to have your earoles riddled . . . .

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