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Artist:Guided By Voices
Label:  Matador
Catalogue:OLE 264-7
Date:Aug 1997
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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A1Guided By VoicesI Am A TreeD. Gillard8.0  Rate
B1Guided By VoicesI'll Name You The Flame That CriesR. PollardRate
B2Guided By VoicesThe Ascended Masters GrogshopR. Pollard, T. Sprout.Rate


Picture sleeve.


9th Aug 2011
 One of my fave singles of the 90s from one of my fave albums of any era! I was lucky to see them perform it live - what a gig!!!

Billy Two
22nd Mar 2011
 This was the only "iffy" one I put up, as I was after confirmation as what was what - the Teenage FBI & Ptolemaic Terrascope entries are definitely UK.

If this is going over to US, then I'll enter "Tigerbomb EP", "The Official Ironmen Rally Song", "Bulldog Skin" and "Plantations Of Pale Pink" as US, as though all had proper UK releases they are obviously US presses.

All the others are straight US jobbies.

21st Mar 2011
 Billy - Can you check the rest of the Matador singles you've added (without scans) to see if they are UK or US pressings? I've moved the ones I know are US already...

Billy Two
2nd Aug 2010
 This item was undoubtedly a UK release - I've a UK music mag press cutting to prove it - but was almost certainly pressed (and sleeve printed) in the US, with the US Matador address on both sleeve and label. Imported intended for full UK release. Where does this stand ? I've another four GbV 7"s of similar origin here waiting to be listed...but not if they're going to be pulled down later !!


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