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Artist:Cathy La Créme
Label:  Rocksteady
Catalogue:MICK 009
Date:1 Sep 1980
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Community:8 Own, 1 Wants
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ACathy La CrémeI Married A Cult Figure From SalfordMikro, SmudeboyRate
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Issued on Rock Steady Records (catalogue number: MICK 009 listed on the record labels). Some copies however have an additional sticker on one of the record labels with the words 'Ovation Records, OVS 1212, (A) C 1980 Street Corner Music'.

Issued with a picture sleeve with only the Ovation catalogue number, OVS 1212 mentioned but logos of both labels still on the sleeve. The spelling of the B-side group name The Crowtones is spelled differently as The Cro-Tones on the picture sleeve


6th Jul 2014
 Added the alternative sleeve and label with the sticker

4th Jul 2014
 @TheJudge, Jenny Eclair denies she was "Cathy"...

Jenny Eclair

@andygrayrecords I was in a band with her, Cathy La Creme and the Rumbabas- we both did punk poetry

28th Nov 2012
1st = green Rock Steady labels
2nd = pink Rock Steady labels, overstickered (all of them?) with the Ovation info
3rd = proper (kinda mustard-ish) Ovation labels

Dr Doom
28th Nov 2012
 Edited to just Rock Steady.

If an Ovation copy ever surfaces then it's probably due an entry of it's own.


mickey rat
4th Jul 2012
 This'll probably sound odd to you lot in the U.K. but I heard this one before I'd heard JCC. I picked up a copy of the Cathy La Creme disc in the early '80s as part of a shipment of British new wave and punk singles. I liked it and kept it. It was obvious that they were sending up someone but the penny didn't drop until years later.

4th Jul 2012
 No, I'm pretty sure that's not JCC. There are times when the impersonation and accent aren't quite 'there'.

Note that Martin Zero (Hannett) also gets a name-check in the lyrics. Not quite sure that they've quite got the Hannett sound, though; it sounds more 'disco' than Hannett.

And 'Cathy' was, it seems, Jenny Eclair.

4th Jul 2012
 That's J.CC. on the record even Mention's the Orange Triangle Vinyl record he put out Gimmix! Play Loud.

4th Jul 2012
 Hey, that's pretty good! I wonder if JCC's ever heard it?

4th Jul 2012
 Cover and labels added.
Cover inside clear bag, double sided print, folded at the top, record falls out if viewed like scanned. inside upright also.
There is no evidence of any Ovation anywhere, just Rocksteady, so I would suggest changing label.
Indeed John Cooper Clarke is mentioned within seconds of the beginning, it is a kind of duet between her and a JCC impersonator, and they also nail it on the Martin Hannett sound.
A Porky prime cut.

4th Jun 2012
 I suspect the "Cult Figure From Salford" is the legendary John Cooper Clarke, and the title is a further parody on his legendary (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space.

Good doc on BBC 4 about JCC, by the way. UK viewers can get it for another six days here.

4th Jun 2012
 The p/s of the original issue has just the Rock Steady logo (no cat.no.). For the later Ovation tie-in version the p/s shows only the Ovation logo and cat.no.; for the labels of this later edition, I've only ever seen overstickered-with-Ovation-info copies... do proper Ovation-labelled copies exist?

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