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Artist:Jimmy Charles And The Revelletts
Label:  Promo
Date:May 1960
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Community:49 Own
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AJimmy Charles And The RevellettsA Million To OnePhil Medley9.0  Rate
BJimmy Charles And The RevellettsHop Scotch HopErdman, MedleyRate


The Revellettes were a trio from Patterson New Jersey, and were friends of Jimmy - sisters Jackie and Evelyn Kline, and Dottie Hailstock.

B-side title variously given as Hop Scotch Hop or Hop Scotch Polka.


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7th May 2016

31st Oct 2015
 Upgraded main scans added.

3rd Jul 2013
 According to Cash Box, this song charted 8-6-60, the same week as Neil Sedaka's You Mean Everything To Me. That would mean a July release?

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19th Dec 2012
 Re. {Images #658869 & 658873} - That was a variant from Columbia Records' Bridgeport, CT plant. They printed the label two ways - tomato red with black print as there, and maroon with silver print (as I have). What's more, Columbia retained Capitol's custom matrix system for both sides, to the point their own lacquers bore the Capitol numbers stamped onto the deadwax. The Columbia lacquers don't sound nearly as compressed to death as those cut by Capitol itself (Scranton pressings with Keystone type represented here by {Images #528945, 528946 & 592176}, Los Angeles pressings with Bert-Co type represented by {Images #658863 & 658864}). As for the others:
- {Images #658838, 658840, 658847 & 658848} - from one of the Philadelphia area pressing plants
- {Images #658849 & 658850} - typeset by Co-Service Printing Co., Newark, NJ

19th Dec 2012
 528945/946 depicts the 4th pressing of the release at the time the B side title was changed from "Hop Scotch Polka" to "Hop Scotch Hop." Other variations found are differences in text layout and the omission of the final "e" in "Revellettes."

16th Aug 2012
 Added label images

David M. McKee
16th May 2012
 Jimmy recorded the song at age 15 in 1958, but it was not released until he was 17. The first three pressings of the original US single on Promo 1002 showed the flip-side as ‘Hop Scotch Polka’.

15th May 2012

Hop Scotch Hop from Discogs and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNmEh04KX-0
Hop Scotch Rock from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnLvDo-YMIo

Hop Scotch Polka from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXoW-q9J2e4
(definate Guy Lombardo overtones in that playing ! )

Can only guess that the 1958 pressing differed from the 1960 hit late release in Aug 1960 using same cat number, Anyone got a definative history

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