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Record Details

Artist:Lee Marvin
Label:  Paramount
Catalogue:PARA 3004
Date:16 Jan 1970
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:94 Own, 1 Wants
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ALee MarvinWand'rin StarLerner, LoeweTom Mack9.2  Rate
BClint EastwoodI Talk To The TreesLerner, LoeweTom Mack4.5  Rate


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22nd Nov 2015
 Amazon Prime commercial

22nd Nov 2015
 Recently used on an Amazon Prime advert with a guy walking his dog.

The single was edited down to 3 minutes. Does the 'Y' on the label mean it was stereo??

7th Oct 2015
 added another colour variation - an odd sort of brown/pink colour
perhaps the printers had a problem producing the exact colour, so it varied throughout the print runs?

18th Sep 2013
 Thanks Judge. Spike Milligan as Eccles in The Goon Show (1950s):

"I talk to the trees / That's why they put me away..." :-)


15th Sep 2013
 Spike Milligan as Eccles in The Goon Show (1950s):

"I talk to the trees / That's why they put me away..." :-)

15th Sep 2013
 Who Is the MadCap Comedian Who Sang. "I Talk To The Trees!. And that's why they Put Me In Here" Lol. H.

14th Sep 2013
 The " A " side , " Wand'rin' Star " , features actor Lee Marvin talking his way thru a rather bizarre piece , with good vocal support and instrumental accompaniment ; you either love or hate this record ( I fall into the former category ! ). The " B-side " , " I Talk To The Trees " , also a Lerner & Loewe composition , features another actor , Clint Eastwood , trying to sing this normally very melodic number - Eastwood's effort is best ignored !

Mikey Dread
5th May 2013
 Wand'rin Star

25th Nov 2012
 He still had a better chance of a repsonse from them than from an empty chair!

25th Nov 2012
 Seems mother nature is very rude .... Clint tries to have a conversation and they're not interested


22nd Jun 2011
 I'll high five you on that suggestion YankeeDisc - he he - burnt gray umber it is!

22nd Jun 2011
 ....okay, how about we go with burnt gray umber.......LOL.

22nd Jun 2011
 Hmmm . . . maybe I should have picked dark dirty grey as the colour description then? I think the main point is that my version is definitely not the same silver colour as the first scan uploaded for this release. It's hard to describe the colour accurately to be honest - it has a sort of brown twinge to it - sort of . . ha ha

22nd Jun 2011
 ...am I missing something here, telegramsam.
I have a Paramount release somewhere that I have yet to post, and looks to me Dark Grey, which is how I view the latest two scans added on this page, by yourself, which you describe as dark brown.

I found this Paramount label on this website, and to me, that is brown, mid-brown really, well umber, if you want to be picky.......

22nd Jun 2011
 dark brown Paramount label scans added. This is not a scanner difference - the colour is completely different.

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