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Record Details

Artist:David Bowie
Label:  RCA Victor
Date:2 Jun 1975
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ADavid BowieFameBowie, Lennon, AlomarDavid Bowie, Harry MaslinDavid Bowie9.3  Rate
BDavid BowieRightBowieDavid Bowie, Harry MaslinDavid Bowie10.0  Rate


Issued with Orange, Grey or Tan RCA labels (the Tan label was current for it's release, the Orange and Grey labels were older stock being used up)


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28th Apr 2015
 Nice one! :thumbsup:

28th Apr 2015
 Gold Disc scan added

20th Dec 2013
 The sound you are referring to is the same on this release as well as the RCA Gold Series release of "Fame" backed with "Golden Years" released afterward, so I have always assumed this was intentional and not some sort of defect. This version is much better than the "remix" made for and released on the "ChangesBowie" Greatest Hits compilation CD, I was very disappointed to hear what they did to this song when I bought the CD hoping to have clean versions of these amazing classics I grew up with.

19th Dec 2013
 I don't know if "distortion" is the word - unless you're talking about right after the recorded-backwards piano note, when the rest of the band kicks in. I also noticed a different mastering house handled the 45 vs. the whole of the Young Americans LP - Kendun on the former, the Master Cutting Room on the latter.

John davey
19th Dec 2013
 DOes anyone elses copy of this record sound horribly distorted during the intro to "Fame"? It's not any record damage I can detect on my copy. It just sound like a bad mastering.

2nd Jul 2012
 Orange label copies (as on {Images #218167 & 218168}) was from Hollywood, tan label copies {Images #214553 & 214554} mostly from Indianapolis.

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