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Record Details

Artist:Carola [Häggkvist]
Label:  RCA / Rival
Catalogue:PB 44649
Date:May 1991
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Community:9 Own, 1 Wants
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ACarola [Häggkvist]Captured By A LovestormStephan Berg, Richard HamptonStephan BergStephan Berg1.0  Rate
BCarola [Häggkvist]Fangad Av En Stormvind (Swedish Version)Stephan BergStephan BergStephan BergRate


Eurovision Song Contest winner 1991

Copies are a German export pressing with a small spindle hole centre


13th Jun 2012
 @LaurenceD - my copy of the album is on voluptuous vinyl! One ballad BRAND NEW HEART was a stand out track as i recall :)

12th Jun 2012
 I managed to obtain a German CD copy of that album, called Runaway (produced by Maurice). I believe that a couple of 7" singles were released from those sessions as well; I imagine that they're difficult to find as they were only released in Sweden and possibly Norway.

12th Jun 2012
 Carola, very popular in Sweden, recorded an album containing various Gibb Brothers compositions (not heard by most of us) circa 1985

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