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Artist:The Buckinghams [USA]
Label:  Red Label
Format:Promo Only 7"
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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AThe Buckinghams [USA]VeronicaC. Giammarese, N. FortunaGary Lee Jones, Richard A. TufoRate
BThe Buckinghams [USA]VeronicaC. Giammarese, N. FortunaGary Lee Jones, Richard A. TufoRate


13th Mar 2014

13th Mar 2014
 It should be Red Label?
If so, the stock entry should be corrected as well.

13th Mar 2014
 It does seem likely that the B side should be changed as well as the format.

One thing's for sure, the label is also wrong.

13th Mar 2014
 I'd say it is an error and should be corrected

17th Jul 2013
 Added back side image of picture sleeve that came with the promotional copy I have. My copy has "Veronica" on both sides in identical stereo version with catalog # PB-71001. It does not have "Can We Talk About It" on the B-side. Should this be a separate entry, or is this listing perhaps in error?

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USA - Red Label - 1985

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