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Record Details

Artist:Marie Osmond
Label:  Polydor / Kolob
Catalogue:PD 14385
Date:Apr 1977
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Community:5 Own
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AMarie OsmondThis Is The Way That I FeelG. JacksonRick Hall8.0  Rate
BMarie OsmondPlay The Music LoudA. Osmond, W. Osmond, M. OsmondRick HallRate


4th Mar 2015
 Added "collector's item" labels.

2nd Mar 2015
 Added label variations and Youtube. Recorded in 1974 at Fame Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, AL


27th May 2013
  Definitely a forgotten single in the Marie Osmond catalog despite the fact it was her 2nd biggest solo pop hit. Compilations seem to concentrate on her first 3 country Sonny James produced albums or her 1980s country output and totally ignore this single and album.

24th May 2013
 Polydor probably had one of the most diverse lineups of any record label of the 70s. Marie ventured to Muscle Shoals to record her best single.

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