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Label:  Penny Farthing
Catalogue:PEN 807
Date:4 May 1973
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AKincade(Jenny, Jenny) Dreams Are Ten A PennyJ. Carter, G. ShakespeareJohn CarterRate
BKincadeCounting TrainsJ. Carter, G. ShakespeareJohn CarterRate


29th May 2013
 I thought this looked familiar. Just done a quick trawl through my records and it was tucked away in the "must log these in some day" section. One more now added to my collection.

Just a small point on the entry for this one - the composer credits for the entry state John Carter & Gill Shakespeare. While that is probably quite correct, the label actually says just J. Carter and G. Shakespeare so that is what should appear in this entry.

Mod edit: amended.

29th May 2013
 PJ...a lot of UK's pre-teen pop was studio-written and performed by music men in their 30's and other than being nostalgic, haven't aged very well over the years. This remixed version with the added drums is really quite a well written and performed song. It's only the pre-teen cutsy lyrics that gives it away!

20th Jan 2012
 I was a pre-teen when I heard it on the aforementioned K-Tel LP, Barrympls (bought by my parents). Suited me just fine, and still does!

Juke Jules
20th Jan 2012
 Looking for this on YT, didn't find it but I see there's many versions in German by John Kincade, mostly on TV, seemingly due to an equivalent hits compilation "Deutsche Schlager Party Folge 3". His German single is not on 45cat yet, but both artist names are now linked
[edit 30 Sep.2012] The German release has been added by Wurzelsepp. He comments that the sleeve shows John Knowles who took a band on the road to perform the Kincade records

20th Jan 2012
 This is such a great example of a great melody, production and vocals with a silly, pre-teen lyric....something that was all too common back in the 1970's.

10th Jan 2012
Good old K-TelRoncoArcade stuff. That's where I first heard that Mott The Hoople track pjlazenby linked.

I also like the unfortunate sticker placement on the 'A' side. :-D

10th Jan 2012
 That's precisely how I know this song, MH. I have such compilations to thank for my familiarity with a number of relative obscurities from my childhood - such as this, this and even this...

10th Jan 2012
 This was one of those "Compilers Jumping The Gun" songs..it was on a K-Tel compilation (Think it was 20 Dynamic Hits..which made Number One on the album charts)..and stuck out a mile in being the only non-hit on there. Susequently I know this song really well, despite it being a flop in the UK.

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